To our esteemed customers,

At this moment, we have temporarily paused our production to give more emphasis on innovative clean technologies. We are proud of the trusted relationship between us and our clientele, we wish to sincerely express our gratitude for their unending support.

As the usage of fossil fuel continues to diminish, and more industries are contributing to the impact of environmental decay, we have decided that 2021 will be the year we prioritize cleantech innovations.

Based on emerging environmental trends, we are determined to provide the best environmental sustainability solutions to match clients’ needs. In 2017, we have started introducing the equipment to remediate polluted air and waste water to help resolve the on-going environmental issues.

Lo Brothers began providing process equipment and services to oil & gas industries since 1964. This includes storage tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and many more. Over the span of 57 years, we have witnessed the development of the industrial world yet dually an increase in environmental concerns.

We openly acknowledge the status quo and the global environment as a consequence of human activity and the negative impact pertaining to human health. Effects of worsening global warming include PM 2.5, greenhouse effects, and much more.

We will continue to serve our clients in a new and innovative way, and we are looking forward to the prospect of building a better world.

Vira Lobunchongsook Chief Executive Officer Lo Brothers Engineering Co., Ltd.