Engineering Studies / Audit

By cooperating with A. H. Lundberg one of the leading in process design technology for air pollution and waste water remediation systems, we can perform an audit on an existing plant system for a number of purposes including increasing system capacity, system safety, system efficiency, improve stability of ease of operation, trouble shooting and interfacing one system with another or future system. Each audit is tailored to the specific need of the client and may comprise a number of the areas listed above.

Our specialty is the process knowledge of the technology we provide. We utilize this technology to benefit a plant in the review of individual systems including all types of waste gas handling systems, condensate/sour water stripping systems, evaporator systems, and heat transfer systems.

Process Engineering

Process engineering typically includes process flow diagrams, piping and instrument diagrams, customer vessel drawings, pump specifications, instrument specifications, typical general arrangements, assembly drawings (if appropriate) and operating and maintenance manuals. Drawings such as the piping and instrumentation diagrams and instrument specifications can be done on plant title blocks using standard symbolism and specifications.

Operating and maintenance manuals are individualized for the given process and plant requirements. Detailed information on all supplied equipment is included, in addition to a detailed description of all instrumentation.

Project Engineering

We can provide the detailed engineering services for project installation using knowledgeable engineers for the process to be installed. Our supply scope included with civil and structural design, mechanical design, electrical and instrumentation engineering, demolition detailing and piping design. The project can be any size up to a complete multiple effect evaporator system. Every major system that we provide is suitable for installation on a turnkey basis. We will utilize existing plant specifications where applicable and where absent, we generate new specifications for plant approval.