Utilizing process technology from Canada and America with over 50 years of experience in remediation of process waste gas discharges, we can supply and install ranging from complete plant-wide system, integration of the air pollution equipment, system add-ons and retrofits, and the engineering and design of upgrades to meet progressively more stringent emissions requirements.

Waste gas pollutants we have addressed include air-born particulate matter, acid mist, volatile organic hydrocarbons, inorganic gases, and combinations of these hazardous air pollutants.

Our system design and supply capabilities include source collection, transport, gas conditioning, and destruction, or recovery of the pollutants.

Waste Gas Conditioning & Transport

Conveying of the gases may be done using steam or gas motivated ejectors, fans, pressure blowers, or liquid ring pumps.

Direct Thermal Oxidizers

Where thermal oxidation of the pollutant is the desired control technology, our incinerators are provided to meet every regulatory requirement for destruction of volatile organic hydrocarbons (VOCs), CO, SO2, NOx and particulate emission

Regenerative & Catalytic Thermal Oxidizers (RTO & RCO)

Although thermal oxidation is recognized as the best solution to destroy VOCs, the challenge is to minimize fuel and operating costs of the process. The GeoTherm and GeoCat regenerative Thermal Oxidizers provide a destruction efficiency of 98 to 99% of the VOCs at a thermal efficiency of up to 95%.

Both GeoTherm and GeoCat units have been applied with excellent success to a wide variety of industrial process such as wood dryer exhaust, printing, chemical processing, tire cord manufacturing, coating processes, and insulation manufacturing.

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP)

Our Geoenergy E-Tube wet electrostatic precipitator provides a state-of-the-art solution to the highest possible efficiency in the collection of sub-micron particulate, fumes, condensible organic aerosols, and acid mist.

Wet Scrubbers

We design and supply venturi scrubbers to remove particulate mater from air streams, packed tower scrubbers to absorb a gaseous component of the air stream, and spray tower scrubbers to achieve absorption of a gaseous component of the air stream where particulate or fouling are also of concern. Each scrubber is designed to meet the requirements of the specific application, and to meet regulatory guideline